Emerson's Floor to Cloud Innovations at Hannover Messe 2023

Revolutionize industrial processes with smart, data-driven solutions.
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Emerson's Floor to Cloud solutions are designed to optimize and improve various processes within a factory environment.

Whether it's a filling line or a clean-in-place SKID in a primary packaging application, these systems are here to revolutionize the way industries operate.

At the heart of this system are Emerson's intelligent devices, which range from pneumatics to fluid control components. These devices generate crucial data, which is then delivered to a controller edge device.

This advanced controller is adept at managing deterministic operations while also enabling edge computing for real-time analytics, enhancing process control and operational insight.

The power of optimization

While controlling and interfacing with machines is important, what sets Emerson apart is their commitment to optimization and improvement.

This technology empowers you to not only manage your machinery but also enhance its performance.

The system includes edge devices, power control solutions, and a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) SCADA system from Movicon.

A closer look at the components

1. Sensors and actuators on the factory floor

The journey begins with sensors placed strategically on the factory floor. These sensors capture critical data points that serve as the foundation for process control.

Smart sensors and actuators work in tandem to measure proximity, position, and even perform proportional control. This integration of intelligent technology with traditional machinery is a significant step forward in automation.

One of the key components you'll encounter is the angle body valve coupled with the intelligent signal box.

This combination is crucial for managing fluid dynamics, offering both control and enhanced communication capabilities.

2. Communication devices

From the factory floor, the data is transmitted to communication devices, allowing for seamless data flow between the sensors and the central control system.

3. Controller and HMI/SCADA system

The central controller, also provided by Emerson, acts as the brain of the system.

It processes data, controls operations, and interacts with the local HMI/SCADA system. This interface offers real-time insights into the machine's state, filling levels, alarms, and more.

Traditional vs. Smart devices

Emerson's system offers both traditional and smart versions of components like the sensors and actuators. The difference is clear: smart devices can communicate with the edge, enabling advanced control and analytics.

Enhancing efficiency and reducing errors

Emerson's Floor to Cloud solutions aim to enhance efficiency and reduce human errors in various industries.

For instance, in the food and beverage sector, where manual processes were once the norm, Emerson is enabling workers with digital tools. Reports are generated automatically, improving traceability and reducing the likelihood of human errors.

Harnessing data for the future

The data collected by Emerson's intelligent devices isn't just for show. It's a valuable resource for predictive maintenance, energy monitoring, and anomaly detection.

By leveraging edge analytics, you can tap into this data's full potential, gaining a deeper understanding of your machines and processes.


Emerson's Floor to Cloud solutions represent the future of automation and intelligent manufacturing. By seamlessly integrating traditional machinery with smart technology, Emerson is helping industries optimize processes, reduce errors, and harness the power of data.

If you want to learn more about Emerson’s Smart sensors and actuators, consider enrolling in our course, IIoT Fundamentals: Smart Sensors & Actuators in Automation, to stay updated on the latest trends in automation using smart technologies.

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