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Maintenance Automation
PLC Troubleshooting
Industrial Safety
PLC Programming
PID Controller
Motion Control
Industrial Sensors
Industrial Networking
Industrial IoT
Industrial Cybersecurity
HMI Design

What RealPars students are saying…

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"RealPars is a great site to learn PLC and other related stuff. I loved their short, free tutorial videos. They are easily understood and clear. Their paid course prices are very reasonable. They have good professional lecturers. More power to RealPars, and thank you for the freebies sent to my email."

By investing in RealPars, learners can stay ahead in the industrial automation field, enhance their skills, and seize more opportunities in a competitive job market.

"RealPars offers comprehensive courses specifically designed for industrial automation professionals. With a focus on practical and engaging content, learners can gain a deep understanding of automation key concepts. RealPars provides a user-friendly interface and flexible course durations, allowing individuals to tailor their learning experience. By investing in RealPars, learners can stay ahead in the industrial automation field, enhance their skills, and seize more opportunities in a competitive job market. Elevate your automation knowledge with RealPars!"

RealPars teachings have been incredibly informative!

"I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for the valuable knowledge and insights RealPars provided. RealPars teachings have been incredibly informative, and I'm genuinely eager to expand my understanding under instructors guidance. I look forward to continuing this enriching learning journey with RealPars."

A great help to the automation community.

" RealPars videos are of great help to the automation community. When it's something I'm unsure about or haven't used for a while, I go to RealPars videos to have a refresher because in projects, you jump to different things every day. Keep inspiring people to join the wonderful world of automation!"

An excellent way to acquire new knowledge and develop valuable skills!

“My journey with RealPars has propelled my career by following these steps: Maintaining an open mind, embracing new ideas and approaches, acquiring new skills and adapting to change, leading to new networking opportunities, positioning myself as a valuable asset to current and future employers, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and skills. In conclusion, your course has been an excellent way for me to acquire new knowledge and develop valuable skills that I can leverage to advance my career. ”

RealPars instructors helped me connect the dots in a way the others didn’t.

"I tried other online training, but I have to say that RealPars instructors helped me connect the dots in a way the others didn’t. I was able to expand my Siemens knowledge…I only knew Allen-Bradley…now I understand the differences and similarities better. I find RealPars to be a professional and affordable way to get the big picture of PLC as well as gain lots of practical knowledge."

I can perform repairs faster and with more confidence.

"I needed to get up to speed on working with Siemens PLC equipment and came across RealPars training on YouTube. I watched my first video and immediately went to the website and signed up as a student. I like the way information is explained step-by-step and that it’s broken down into small chunks…I can go back and review anytime I want. I’m already seeing that I can perform repairs faster and with more confidence. Three of my co-workers were so impressed, they signed up for RealPars, too."

I definitely recommend it for anyone who needs PLC training at any level.

"A co-worker got me started on RealPars…he said it was amazing and it is. Since I started training a few months ago, I can see there’s been a huge difference in how much more efficiently and effectively I can handle PLC repairs in the field. Our clients are telling management how happy they are to get back online more quickly and save money because I’m turning around faster fixes. I definitely recommend it for anyone who needs PLC training at any level."

Ricardo Caraig
Operations & Maintenance Superintendent
Deven Vyas
Instrumentation and Automation engineer
Prathumnan Sekar
Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer
Freedy Hadzhi
Instrumentation Technician
Kevin Galvez
Team Lead Electrical and Automation
Alain Simplice
Programming Consultant
Mario Flores
Maintenance Technician
Jake Watkins
General Manager

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