WAGO & CODESYS: The Perfect Match for PLC Programmers

Simplifying PLC programming with CODESYS.
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Ever wondered why some software costs a fortune while others are free? Well, CODESYS falls into the latter category. But how is it possible? Let's break it down and see how this benefits both programmers and manufacturers.

In a world where compatibility is crucial, CODESYS stands out for its versatility. Unlike other software that's limited to specific devices, CODESYS lets you work with a variety of PLCs. Let's explore how this flexibility simplifies programming tasks.

CODESYS Compatibility

Transitioning between different Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) can often be challenging due to differences in software and compatibility.

Unlike other software like TIA Portal, which is limited to specific brands, CODESYS is independent of the controller. This means that programmers can use CODESYS to program PLCs from various manufacturers, such as WAGO, Festo, and more.

The shared experiences and support from different companies contribute to the development and improvement of CODESYS, making it a versatile and beneficial tool for programmers.

Additionally, using CODESYS for programming different PLCs reduces the need to learn multiple software platforms, as the same software and structure can be used across different manufacturers.


In the world of industrial automation, CODESYS is your trusted companion on the path to success.

If you are interested in learning how to develop CODESYS applications, then check out our course CODESYS 1: Introduction to PLC Programming which shows you how to write and test your first application with CODESYS.

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