How to install TIA-Portal V16

This article will show you How to Purchase, Download, and Install the Software and License files
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In this article, we will show you how to:

– Download and install the software, and

– Install the software license so that it can be used for your next project.

TIA Portal V16 system requirements

TIA Portal version 16 should be installed on a PC running Windows 10 Professional.

Installing Automation License Manager

Run the downloaded software file. Follow the prompts to install the License Manager. You may have to reboot your PC during the installation.

Install the License Manager

Transferring the TIA-Portal License

Now, open the Automation License Manager. In the left-hand pane, click on Online Software Delivery.

Login to Automation License Manager

Use the Login option and log into the Online Software Delivery site.

At the confirmation window, verify your name and address, and then check both boxes in the window and press continue.

Confirmation Delivery Address

The Online Software Delivery window appears and shows the license that you purchased.

Click on the Transfer Licenses button under the entry for the license you purchased. Drag and drop this button and drop it on the Windows C drive in the left-hand pane to transfer the license.

Once the license transfers, a green checkmark appears on the Transfer Licenses button.

You can expand the tree under the “Windows C” drive to view the licenses you just transferred.

Transfer the License File

Downloading the TIA-Portal

Click on Online Software Delivery again.

Now click on Download under Software Files and Documents.

A window opens and displays the software files for the TIA Portal version 16 purchase.

You can download the TIA Portal and WinCC software as DVD image files called ISO files.

Download the TIA Portal 16 ISO Files

If you do not have a way to burn the ISO files onto DVD media, return to the Siemens support site. Enter 109772803 in the search window to go directly to the page where you can download the TIA Portal version 16 files in an executable file format.

Click here and go directly to the download page.

Siemens Download Page

Scroll down to the second set of downloadable files that include STEP 7 Basic & Professional, STEP 7 Safety Basic & Professional, and WinCC Professional.

Download all the zip files for DVD 1, DVD 2, DVD 3, and S7-PLCSIM, by clicking on each, one at a time.

Make sure all files are downloaded to the same file directory.

Download the TIA Portal

Installing the TIA-Portal

Once all of the files are downloaded, find the EXE file for DVD 1 which begins with TIA Portal_STEP7 and ends in V16. Run this file, and the installation begins.

Accept all the default settings and prompts as you advance through the installation.

Install the TIA Portal 16 Software

When you reach the license terms window, check both boxes at the bottom of the window.

TIA Portal 16 Installation Confirmation

On the next window, accept the security and permissions checkbox at the bottom of the window. When the installation completes, which may take up to an hour,

TIA Portal 16 Installation Permissions

you will need to reboot your computer.

Reboot the PC after TIA Portal 16 Installation

Repeat this process for DVD 2, DVD 3, and S7-PLCSIM files.

Run the EXE file associated with each group of files. The installation process is the same for these files as you went through for DVD 1.

TIA Portal 16 Installation

Once all of the products have been installed, Start TIA Portal version 16.

Verify that you can open TIA Portal, load a program, make some edits, and save the program. Make sure your installation is successful!

Start TIA Portal version 16


In this article, we demonstrated how to download, install, and properly license TIA Portal version 16, including the PLC simulator program and WinCC professional.

If you would like to get additional training on a similar subject please let us know in the comment section.

Check back with us soon for more automation control topics.

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