Next-Generation Security Surveillance System | Smart Camera Box

Learn about the features of the Smart Camera Box and how it outperforms other available smart surveillance systems and devices.
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This article will be of interest if a reliable and secure Security Surveillance system is of utmost importance to you and your business.

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to the Phoenix Contact Smart Camera Box. This versatile and powerful video surveillance device has been specifically designed to provide constant supervision and observation.

We’ll tell you about the features of the Smart Camera Box and show you how it outperforms other commercially available devices.

We will also show you where you can find more details about the different available versions of the Smart Camera Box.

Ok… Let’s talk about a possible scenario…

Scenario #1: a surveillance system

Your warehouse is full of very valuable products. Naturally, you want to protect your products against any perils.

Your surveillance system is maintaining a watchful eye. As with any surveillance system, real-time video is being monitored and recorded.

Hey… what’s that!!! The video shows a nefarious character cutting a hole in the protective fence…

Then… your security system malfunctions,… the video screen goes dark. The would-be criminal has free reign over your warehouse.

Security system malfunction

It goes without saying, but… 24/7 Security does not allow downtime

Scenario #2: a smart camera box surveillance system

Ok… Let’s change the scenario, but this time, we are using a Smart Camera Box Surveillance System…

Your surveillance system is maintaining a watchful eye. Real-time video is being monitored and recorded.

Hey… what’s that!!! The video shows a nefarious character cutting a hole in the protective fence…

A loudspeaker mounted on the same pole as the camera declares…

We see you. You are attempting to enter private property. We have contacted the authorities and the police are on the way.

Smart camera box surveillance system

The would-be criminal runs away as fast as he can.

Smart camera box

The Smart Camera box has features that prove it to be superior to other products on the market. It has a wide operating temperature range and can withstand harsh and corrosive environments.

Smart Camera box features

Unlike other commercially available products, it is an All-in-one device. What exactly does that mean?

There are lots of contractors offering similar features, but requiring products from more than one vendor.

No need to shop around looking at products from other vendors as the Smart Camera box has everything you need.

Smart Camera box All-in-one device

The Smart Camera box has an integrated Ethernet or Fiber optic splice tray built-in. So, your uplink connection can be Ethernet cables or fiber optics.

Smart Camera box communication

The Smart Camera Box is capable of operating four Ethernet devices via something called PoE, or Power over Ethernet. You could have four cameras not requiring additional power connections because each can be powered via the Ethernet cable.

Smart Camera Box Ethernet

It has a wide range power supply of 100 to 240 V AC and switchable 24 V DC output for optional devices

Smart Camera Box power supply

It offers many data communication protocol options such as RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) and VLAN (Virtual LAN).

Smart Camera box communication protocol

Surveillance system peripheral devices

OK, so you’ve just sourced a complete surveillance system, but devices like Splice boxes, Power supplies, Splitters, and switches are all from different vendors.

Are the devices compatible? Do they fit properly in an enclosure? Do you want a surveillance enclosure that looks like the following images? What are the typical steps for choosing, installing, and operating a Smart Camera Box?

Old Surveillance systems

There are four versions available to suit your requirements depending upon the number of cameras and type of uplink ports you want.

Phoenix Smart Camera Box

Using the innovative mounting hardware, the box is easily mounted on the pole and connected to the cameras and peripheral devices.

In a nutshell, you’ll require 70% less engineering and at least 70% fewer installation efforts.

There is no need to design a complete cabinet full of devices from several vendors. There is no need to install and wire many different devices

You only need one person to install the lightweight IP65/NEMA 4X and IK10 rated enclosure, you don’t need any fiber optic splice boxes if you are running fiber optic cables.

Smart Camera Box installation

You can find the details about the different versions by going to the Phoenix Contact website.

Smart Camera Box for AI functions

The Smart Camera Box can be part of a larger system and interfaced using PLCnext Technology to perform Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions.

Smart Camera Box for AI functions

For example, with some help from Object Detection hardware and PLCnext Technology, vehicles are sorted and categorized by types such as motorbikes, cars, buses, and trucks.

Smart Camera Box for Object Detection

Phoenix Contact has developed a short YouTube video called Smart Camera Box for video surveillance highlighting some of the features of their Smart Camera box.


Ok… let’s summarize what we’ve discussed…

– A Smart Camera Box is an all-in-one device.

– It has many advantages over other commercially available devices.

– A Smart Camera Box can be used as a Standalone Security device or can be used as part of a larger AI system.

If you have any questions about the Smart Camera Box or about the security surveillance system in general, add them in the comments below and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours.

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