The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your PROFIBUS Network Healthy

Monitor and maintain a healthy PROFIBUS network.
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In this article, we’re going to help you understand the key indicators for a healthy PROFIBUS network. We’ll discuss several indicators to measure your network’s health, the tools you need, and how to access the information most effectively.

Message level diagnostics on PROFIBUS DP

First, let’s dive into Message Level Diagnostics on PROFIBUS DP. This concept is about understanding the dialogue taking place between devices in your network.

You can think of it as being like a coach observing a football game, where the players are our master and slave devices. The coach watches the passes (the data exchanges) and looks out for any patterns or anomalies.

Spotting these early could provide warning signs of a potential problem in your network, just like a coach can preempt a shift in the game by noticing changes in play.

Our attention primarily focuses on three indicators – retries, syncs, and illegal messages.

Retries are akin to a player trying to pass the ball to a teammate repeatedly after an initial miss. It’s like the midfielder continually attempting to get the ball to the striker when the striker isn’t receiving the passes effectively.

Syncs, in contrast, is about the timing of the passes. You can compare them to the rhythm of a football game, where good timing between passes ensures smooth play.

If the players fall out of sync, the game – or in our case, the communication – can get disrupted.

– Lastly, illegal messages can be thought of as external disruptions to the game – like having an extra ball suddenly bouncing onto the field or a fan running across the pitch.

Just as these unexpected events disrupt the smooth progression of a football match, illegal messages – being out of place or incorrect – can similarly cause significant disruption in the communication process.

Tools for displaying message level diagnostics

Now, you might be wondering, how can I view these message-level diagnostics? That’s where ComBricks comes in.


This modular monitoring system by Anybus, our article sponsor today, can collect and display message-level diagnostics around the clock.

ComBricks is like a personal assistant, constantly monitoring your network’s conversation and flagging any potential issues.

ComBricks - displaying message level diagnostics

Electrical signal diagnostics

Next up, we have Electrical Signal Diagnostics. This is like checking the heartbeat of your network – the voltage levels, signal quality, and integrity of your electrical signals.

One way to do this is by looking at oscilloscope images, which are graphic representations of your electrical signal.

If the oscilloscope image looks like a neat square, you can be confident your electrical signal is good. With proper training, you can learn to understand the altered shape forms and associate them with a specific fault.

Electrical signal diagnostics

Tools for displaying electrical signal diagnostics

ComBricks SCOPE repeater is the tool that can help you visualize and analyze these oscilloscope images.

ComBricks SCOPE repeater

It reads and captures the electrical signals in your network and shows them in a user-friendly way through a web browser.

ComBricks SCOPE repeater- oscilloscope images


So, that’s it! Now, you should have a good understanding of how to monitor the health of your PROFIBUS network. Remember, it’s all about preventing network downtime and ensuring smooth communication between devices.

However, if you ever feel stuck while interpreting this information, don’t worry. Anybus Diagnostics has got you covered with a cloud-based AI analyzer.

This powerful tool can read the diagnostic files from ComBricks, provide you with a detailed report, and even suggest a course of action.

To learn more about how this can revolutionize your approach to network diagnostics, check out this link.

We hope this article has been helpful. In our next article, we’ll go deeper into how the Anybus Diagnostics AI Analyzer works.

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